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Arcade Collection

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At the moment my collection is somewhat thin after having owned in excess of 30 machines at the peak of my collecting craze. I sold the vast majority of my collection recently including many of the spare parts I had in the attic.

I do have a tremendous number of original ROMS and EEPROMS I have collected over the years that are all readable on my ancient 80's era EPROM burner. I've even read semi-damaged EEPROMS and dumped them into MAME to watch it reproduce the real machine's flaws in the emulator. Now that's accuracy. :)

At the moment I own these remaining classics:

As well as two pinball machines:

At one point in time I owned these machines:

I had the machines that I sold most recently listed on a website that is still online. It has some nice pictures of a few of my favorite machines before they were sold.