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MAME'd Millipede in Chinese

Category: Site News

Links from the 2003 Scientific American article on my MAME'd Millipede keep cropping up in my server logs. I find this one especially amusing since it's translated into Chinese with little sprinkles of English and western characters where required.

Also, this site still has a larger copy of the great mad scientist illustration SA did for the piece with a very accurate rendition of the machine right down to the side art. A friend of mine from here in Sweet Briar who now lives in Beijing got a great kick out of reading this some time ago and assures me it's an accurate translation. :)

I'd love to know how active the emulation and MAME community is in China and if many people there are inclined or have the resources to build MAME arcades. I'll try to get my friend, Wiley, to put this copy of the article in context by looking at the larger site (which is obviously emu related to some extent based on the western words I can pick out).

- Aaron


Very cool. I really like the style of the graphics that Scientific American did. It captures everything about making a MAME cabinet just the right way.

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