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MAME'd Millipede: Project Index

Category: MAME'd Millipede


  • Introduction
    The background story on my first MAME box and being a child of the 80's.
  • MAME vs. Real
    Why a MAME box? A comparison between MAME and the real thing. A tad philosphical... :)
  • Skills Needed
    The various skills you'll need to build a MAME box.

Control Panel

  • Design
    The process of coming up with a CP design and mocking up the template.
  • Mounting
    Attaching the CP to the classic cabinet without harm.
  • Layout
    Determining the button layout and preparing the surface.
  • Surfacing
    Applying the laminate to the CP surface.
  • Wiring
    Zillions of feet of wires and connectors.
  • Final Touches
    T-molding and other details for the completed CP.


  • The Computer
    Technical details behind the system driving the MAME'd Millipede.
  • Video - 15 kHz
    Driving the arcade monitor at 15 kHz from a modern PC.
  • Interfacing
    Devices used to interface the controls and their configuration.
  • Integration
    Bringing it all together into a working system.


  • Linux OS
    Focusing on the use of Linux in the MAME'd Millipede.
  • AdvanceMAME
    The engine that drives the machine with various configuration details.
  • AdvanceMenu
    The interface to AdvanceMAME that binds it all together.
  • Video Config
    Details on the configuration of SVGALib and the software side of 15 kHz.
  • Daphne
    The emulation software for driving laser disc games - Dragon's Lair in this case.

Parts & Sources

  • Controls
    Controls used on the project and the vendors that provide them.
  • Video
    Wells-Garnder and the K7200.
  • Interfacing
    Interface devices and the vendors that provide them.
  • Cabinet Parts
    Miscellaneous parts including laminate and T-molding.