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Quick & Dirty MAME'd Marble Madness Video

Category: MAME'd Marble Madness

I'm in the process of putting together a full write-up and photo gallery of my latest MAME'd arcade. This one is based on a classic Marble Madness Atari System 1 cabinet. I have the original Marble Madness, Road Runner and Peter Packrat boards and control panels for this system in full working order and have enjoyed them off and on for several years. Since the System 1 was designed by Atari to be highly modular and convertable, it was an especially appropriate candidate for "conversion" to MAME.

NOTE: I worked with the same goal in mind on this project as I did with my MAME'd Millipede: extend the functionality of the cabinet without making permanent modifications. Both of my MAME'd classics are designed in such a way that I mate the new control panel with the existing framework. The CP can easily be removed and the original control panel returned to restore either to its classic form. So, for those of you initially horrified by a modified classic arcade: your worries are misplaced. ;)

On a whim tonight I decided to do a quick and dirty video of the machine in action to give people an idea of how it works. The lighting is lousy, I have no means of syncing the arcade monitor with the video camera (resulting in the usual image roll on the monitor), and the sound isn't going to win any awards. It was an experiment, though, and I've already got some ideas of how I'll do a video that won't suck later. Stay tuned for that...

Having stated my disclaimer regarding the video's general crapiness, feel free to download it. It's formatted for Quicktime using the H.264 codec and also plays fine on my Mac using VLC as well as on my Linux workstation with MPlayer.

You'll see the control panel, title selection via the main menu (with game previews), the working quarter and token slots, one of the two LED backlit trackballs, and a little gameplay on Marble Madness, Joust, and Discs of Tron which uses the push/pull spinner and my DIY flightstick.

Enjoy... better stuff on the way soon.
- Aaron