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SpiffMAME: now on mameblog.com

Category: SpiffMAME

This entry is my first post to mameblog.com.

SpiffMAME cabinet

To sum up the story of how I ended up writing stuff here, Aaron was kind enough to contact me after we had both posted replies to some questions about using matrox cards on the AdvanceMAME mailing list. At this point (november 2005), we realized that we had a lot in common, both in terms of our MAME cabinets, but also in various other respects.

I think the concept of a blog will be an excellent way to get a little more information about my cabinet written, and especially the ability for people to post comments is one I am looking forward to checking out.

So this category is dedicated to my cabinet SpiffMAME. Hope you find it useful. Drop me a note if you want to know more about it.

Although I try to put a lot of information about my cabinet on my homepage http://symlink.dk, the style of a blog seems more appropriate for some of the things, and allows me to do short posts instead of long articles. One great benefit is the presence of the comment-system, which will hopefully make the information a little more bi-directional. Also a blog with several different posters all within the same subject should be a valuable resource for other people trying to find information about building a MAME cabinet.

My aim is of course to help building a community of people building MAME cabinets, and sharing information about how to setup these beasts, in particular with the more intricate issues concerning configuration of Linux, and making the cabinet look as sleek and "finished" as possible. In my opinion this could be a nice addition to other valuable resources (such as the AdvanceMAME mailing list). So the focus here is on cabinets and some inspiration concerning solutions to various problems that may appear in the process of building and configuring such a cabinet. The mailing list should be reserved for issues related to AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU.

I have been discussing several interesting project ideas with Aaron, and hopefully some of them will eventually be realized as time goes by. For now, I will try to make some small blog posts about my cabinet, and see where that takes me (and the site).