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Welcome to the New Site

Category: Site News

The time has finally come for http://sparhawk.sbc.edu/MAME - the original website documenting my MAME'd Millipede - to finally get a complete overhaul. This new blog represents the beginning of that process as well as laying the groundwork for adding a significant amount of new content on lots of classic gaming and emulation topics.

First off, I've migrated virtually all of the articles and images from the original site and woven them into the more dynamic structure of a blog. This preserves all of the original information both for historical and reference purposes. I can now expand on that information with new entries that document changes to the original machine and illustrate its evolution.

Since the old site had a more static sidebar that allowed for quick, topical navigation, I've attempted to re-establish that by making a MAME'd Millipede Project Index that links to all of the same articles as before within the new site. The categories on the right sidebar will also take you to any sub-section of the project.

The last entries on the old site - almost two years old - alluded to the beginnings of a second MAME arcade based on a Marble Madness. I've finished that system in recent months but haven't documented the project yet. I wanted to get this new blog in place before doing the new write-up, so I'm pleased to say that will be coming over the next few days now that I've migrated all the old writing. The advances I made in that system led to some fundamental changes to my original machine, so I'll add follow-up pieces to show that upgrade process.

I'll be adding a lot of content to the site as time goes on and probably changing around a few things as I get settled with the new structure. I think the blog format will make adding content a far more fluid process compared to the monolithic, static nature of the previous site. The presence of a comment system also starts to open the door to more reader interaction. Depending on traffic, I might also add a forum system in the near future (though this is somewhat unlikely since there are so many good quality MAME forums already well established).

Finally, I hope to have some co-authors joining me here soon starting with a good friend of mine that lives nearby. Adding his project(s) will make the site more dynamic since we have two very different approaches to cabinet design, button layout and gaming preferences. Hopefully the site can gain some momentum and possibly pick up other authors with various viewpoints over time...

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and I hope you find what's here useful. If you have any suggestions, spot problems or just have general feedback, don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email.