June 5, 2003

Linux OS

Category: MAME'd Millipede :: 4. Software

My system is based on the Linux OS, an open-source UNIX-like operating system that is freely available.

Linux is pretty fantastic to put it lightly. It's tremendously powerful, quite efficient and runs on more hardware than you can imagine. It's also the operating system I use more than any other in my work as a network administrator and programmer for Sweet Briar College. I have a tremendous dedication to this OS, so it's a matter of both practicality and pride for me to use it in this project.

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Category: MAME'd Millipede :: 4. Software

AdvanceMAME is the key to functionality of my system. It is a MAME-based project meaning it uses the core MAME source, adds a few patches and hooks on its various extensions. The primary focus is to gain low-level control over the video hardware in your system in an attempt to produce authentic classic arcade resolutions. These mostly exist in the neighborhood of a 15.75 kHz horizontal scan rate. By comparison, most PCs run at much higher resolutions and start around 31.5 kHz which is double the rate needed to drive an arcade monitor.

The AdvanceMAME project is open-source and entirely maintained by volunteers. It is constantly changing as new features are added, bugs are stomped and sometimes new bugs are introduced. I started with the 0.67 version, moved to 0.68 during the course of the project and have not yet moved to 0.69 (which also arrived during the few weeks I've been working on this system).

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Category: MAME'd Millipede :: 4. Software

AdvanceMenu provides the interface for the player to choose games, see previews and a host of other functions. It is designed as a companion to AdvanceMAME and is incredibly flexible.

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Video Config

Category: MAME'd Millipede :: 4. Software

I have discussed video issues in previous Electronics and Software sections of this website. For the sake of completeness, though, I thought it made sense to cover the overall procedure in one place under its own heading.

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Category: MAME'd Millipede :: 4. Software

I stumbled upon Daphne after I had already gotten my MAME system functional. One thing I never accomplished when I was collecting classic machines was to obtain a Dragon's Lair. I came fairly close in a number of circumstances including a near perfect marquee and control panel... but never a complete system.

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